I figured, wouldn't it be nice if I just be a good person and live for the sake of others? That would bring meaning to my insipid life. That would bring me happiness, and I am more than happy to improve the quality of life that my dreaded soul is going through.

I was dead wrong.

It was probably because I have had my hopes on each and every person I try to live for: I was hoping that, if I help these people, they will not be such a bunch of idiots and stop doing stupid ass things. WRONG. Dead wrong. Apparently they'd all turn out as idiots all the same.

All I want is people to talk to me, or at least promise me that chunk of happiness that was supposed to come along with the 'live for the sake of others' thing. Yes, I demand a return. Because what I get in return right now is no more than a bunch of problems that's bursting out my brain's seams.

So many shit happening, and very little people to talk to about it... I even get scolded for wanting a company. Why? Apparently I'm a selfish, overly attached mad girlfriend who can't seem to understand how busy a working man could be.

Well fuck all of it, then. I'm done caring.

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